A Vespa Tour of Spain

Gemma Bowes on her Vespa touring Spain

Map in hand and helmet on head, Gemma Bowes tours Spain

Vacationing in Europe is already expensive with the Euro and with the rise in fuel prices renting a car makes it even more difficult to afford. New tour operators are now marketing different types of vacations that are not only much more affordable, but more fun as well. Stay away from the tourist traps and explore the local country. Gemma Bowes of The Guardian did just that by taking a tour of the mountains just north of Madrid, Spain in a Vespa thanks to a new tour offered by two Spanish brothers. Read about her adventure on Vespa through hill country here: Gemma Bowes test-drives the new Vespa Tour to Hit Madrid.

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One Response to A Vespa Tour of Spain

  1. vodkasoda says:

    Along the same lines, hay hotels are popping up in Europe’s Alpine region of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria.


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