Google: making our generation a dumb generation

Google dumb

Some claim that Google is killing our ability to concentrate by chronically distracting us

The internet was supposed to bring us libraries of knowledge at the first click of a mouse. It has, but many aren’t using it. Instead, we’re wasting our time on distractions such as social networks or throwaway video clips on YouTube. We might be bad, but teens are even worse:

But this isn’t the informational paradise dreamt of by Bill Gates and Google: 90% of sites visited by teenagers are social networks. They are immersed not in knowledge but in “gossip and social banter”.

“They don’t,” says Bauerlein, “grow up.” They are “living off the thrill of peer attention. Meanwhile, their intellects refuse the cultural and civic inheritance that has made us what we are now”.

As for us on the wrong side of 30, this new technology is affecting our ability to focus on simple tasks as we attempt to take on too much at the same time. Multitasking may be a myth. We are finding ourselves scanning and skimming, not taking time to absorb the information given to us.

Nicholas Carr asks the important question Is Google making us stupid? He has a very good point. Now, I’m off to read some texts on my blackberry :)

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2 Responses to Google: making our generation a dumb generation

  1. […] lives. Books have been written about google and whether or not it’s making us smarter or turning us into attention-deficit dummies. Google has anchored itself atop the food chain of search engines on the internet and has been […]

  2. vodkasoda says:

    Christine Rosen in The New Atlantis agrees with the thrust of the article in respect to how multitasking isn’t a reality in: The Myth of Multitasking.

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