LivePlasma – a great free web application to find music and movies that you like


LivePlasma is incredibly user friendly search engine for music and movies

I’m pretty sure that you’re like me in the sense that all your media these days is in digital form, whether on CDs/DVDs or on external hard drives. It’s quite convenient from user space point of view especially when you live in a downtown condo, but the lack of tactility makes it difficult to keep a running list of what you have in your head, whether it be movies or music. And if you’re like me, you like to explore and find new music or new movies based on tastes that you already have. For instance, being a fan of Broken Social Scene led me to bands like Manitoba and TV on the Radio. However this process was a purely accidental one, resulting from luck.

I’ve recently come across a free web application called LivePlasma which takes the luck out of the equation and gives you results fast and free. All you need to do is go to the site (it doesn’t require registration) and type in the name of an artist or actor or movie and LivePlasma will automatically give you dozens of options of bands or films that fit within that genre. Let me show you:

In my first try I typed in Pavement, one of my favourite indie bands of all-time and got this as a result within seconds:


Right away you can see Yo La Tengo, The New Pornographers, and Belle and Sebastien. Not bad!

Now, what about films? I typed in Gangs of New York (I’m a big Scorsese fan) and got the following:

Gangs of New York

The Road to Perdition, Minority Report, and The Green Mile. Okay, not exactly perfect but not all that bad for a free web application that saves you time from scratching your head or doing manual searches online.

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