Greece prepares itself for an onslaught of drunken British tourists

Drunken Brits

The Brits are coming, the Brits are coming! Greek tourist operators shudder……

If you’ve ever been on vacation in Europe and in particular along the Mediterranean coast, you’ve no doubt encountered the ugly British tourist. Usually clad in a soccer jersey and roaringly drunk by noon, they travel in packs and by the evening are engaging in the most public of sex acts with their female counterparts for whom the concept of shame is a completely alien one.

This year the Greeks are ready for the onslaught, as Helena Smith reports from Athens:

While Faliraki might be shaking off its notoriety as a ‘modern-day Sodom’, young Britons are still flocking to its neighbours in search of sun, sex and a hedonistic nightlife. Sometimes the result has been rape or even death, leaving bewildered Greeks to ask: what is wrong with the British?

In Malia on Crete, for example, the tourist season may barely have begun, but already a seemingly non-stop stream of Britons, many in their teens and most on their first trip abroad, have passed through the local courts. Evangelos Rossakis, the owner of a local supermarket, was last night recovering at home after being attacked by six British youths who had beaten him ‘black and blue’ because he had dared to ask them to drive less recklessly on quad bikes through the resort. Rossakis says his injuries are nothing next to the damage the teenagers later inflicted on his shop – or the time when a Briton bit off the nose of a bartender who asked him to leave.

But wait, there’s more!

Meanwhile in Laganas, on Zakynthos, 17-year-old Matthew Cryer, from Sheffield, appears to have drunk himself to death last week; the previous week 15 English tourists were charged with ‘lewd behaviour’ after participating in an open-air oral sex contest.

‘What is wrong with the British?’ asked Yiannis Kyriakakis, a senior police officer on Crete. ‘Why can’t you have fun calmly?

Good question.

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