Subliminal Mind Tricks to Help You Succeed

the subliminal mind

Subliminal messages can help you succeed

I find these lists silly, yet perfectly in tune with corporate culture. Symbolism has always been a tool in social hierarchies, so even as we assume that we’re somehow more civilized than those who transcribed Hammurabi’s Code, we’re really not all that different when it comes to how we deal with people.

Here’s a list of nine subliminal mind tricks that can help you in your dealings within social hierarchies, particularly at work. One example:

To appear more powerful in the office hierarchy …
Wear a chic all-black outfit to work, and don’t smile as often as you’re inclined. You’ll be seen as assertive and directed. Studies have found that people in black uniforms (like sports teams) are viewed as more dominant figures, while the act of keeping a neutral face is associated with higher status and power in a work environment.

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