What Our Faces Say About Us

human faces
Our faces say a lot more about us then we may think

We’ve all heard the expression that the eyes are the windows of the soul and we’ve also heard that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Both of these oft-used expressions indicate something bigger when added: that the human face is quite a unique construction and one that is filled with signs not only about ourselves but about what is in our environment that surrounds us.

British gerontologist Raymond Tallis tackles the subject of the human face in his new book The Kingdom of Infinite Space: A Fantastical Journey Around Your Head. The book centres around our complex relationship with our heads and how they are and aren’t connected to our sense of identity and consciousness. Robert Fulford of the National Post reviews Talli’s work:

Consider the way a human face speaks with silent eloquence. In the view of Raymond Tallis, an eminent British doctor and a talented writer, the face of a man or woman constitutes “the most sign-packed surface in the universe.” Nothing else we see carries more meaning. Every face displays a pattern of dense emotional responses in the present and an archive of its owner’s experience in the past. And each one is both unique and mysterious.

He continues:

Faces, as Tallis sees them, are like texts, crammed with information. A friend of mine used to quote an old literary cliche, “Her face was a study.” In recent times, however, faces have changed, making them harder to read. We are developing a face for our era. Botox is one reason.

Read the rest of the review at this link.

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