An Excellent Online Guide to Wine

Inspecting a glass of freshly poured merlot

In our never ending quest for the good life it was inevitable that we’d have to broach the topic of wine: the drink of choice for those with refined taste. The wonderful thing about the journey into the world of wine is that more than any other alcohol, it allows for a study of history, geography, and culture that is simply unparalleled.

To help us in our quest to understand wine, we need look no further than the Guardian Guide to Wine. In this excellent online presentation, we can learn where wine is made, what makes some wine cost more than others, how to read a label, and so on. Please do use this excellent resource….I most certainly will :)

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2 Responses to An Excellent Online Guide to Wine

  1. vodkasoda says:

    On the flipside, here’s an article about wine nonsense and how it’s becoming a tidal wave.

  2. Iris Rose says:

    does it really work? (-:

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