Eco-Friendly Product Design

Knives used from recyclable material

Consumers are more and more choosing “green-friendly” options in their purchases. Whether it’s because of trends or because of a real environmental conscience, the rise of the eco-friendy product cannot go unnoticed.

Here is a sample of some eco-friendly products with cool designs made from recycled materials.

Knives (image above)
Austrian Paul Kogelnig and Swiss Gabriel Heusser have crafted these bottle-openers out of old cutlery. According to them, “The future of mass production is mass customisation.”

Swiss designers Sergio Streun and Vincent Schertenleib design simple and functional objects for the home. This waste paper basket is handcrafted from exactly the product it is designed to collect and therefore each one is unique.

Beams of light reflect off the inside of the stainless steel base of this old washing machine drum on to the glass tabletop. Reestore’s designers make a point of choosing contemporary finishes and fabrics over traditional eco-materials.

Dominic Wilcox was searching for a new material to design with when he realised he could make one by melting down toy soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo. The bowl’s conflicting message works as both a reminder of the playful aspect of childhood and the horrors of war.

Israeli design duo Reddish say they like to “make objects feel better about themselves”, and they have done a fine job with this tired old bath by transforming it into a groovy retro armchair with a touch of the Marcel Duchamp about it.

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