Hello, my name is ******* and I’m an internet addict

Why is this page taking sooooo long to f*****g load?!!!!!!

If you’re like me your hours spent in front of the television are pretty much down to zero….but that’s because you’re spending hours in front of the computer on the internet. With the days of dial-up internet and slow loading pages consigned to the electronic dustbin of history, easy access to entertainment, mass communication, and learning thanks to high speed broadband has left us addicted. Source for news? The internet. Source for music? The internet. Source for finding where that new flick is playing? Why, the internet of course!

Very cheap and very accessible, the internet has come to dominate our lives in a way simply not possible to understand two decades ago. Think back to university when researching and being forced to dig through moldy stacks of books for sources on an essay about the French Revolution. Think back to booking a vacation by visiting a travel agent and putting your trip in their hands. Think back about combing through the yellow pages to make a dinner reservation at a restaurant. The internet has made so many things so much easier by placing information at the tips of our worn fingers attached to our carpal-tunneled hands.

Naturally there is a downside to all this: internet addiction can affect our daily lives. Some “gamers” will spend whole day sessions in front of a computer screen, eating junk food, communicating with no one in meatspace, shutting themselves in. Chronic gamblers now have ridiculously easy access in which to throw away their savings and their lives…all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse.

The Internet also poses new problems in a new world. Previously, we discussed infidelity in the digital age and how the internet bends the lines between harmless flirtation and adultery as communication barriers break down and re-form, upending old mores. We also learned how the internet is making us stupid thanks to lowest common denominator social networking and degenerated communications skills. Even mental health professionals are starting to address the issue.

The interactivity between user and interface makes for a new type of remote communication that allows individuals not only to communicate between each other, but to engage in pursuits that aren’t necessarily harmful and quite beneficial. No real internet addict hasn’t spent time surfing wikipedia for hours on end as each link brings forth some new info for the info junkie.

Am I an addict? Obviously I am….but there are worse addictions to be found so I count myself lucky. Now, off to check my daily news sites :)

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3 Responses to Hello, my name is ******* and I’m an internet addict

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  2. Bobby R says:

    the internet is one hell of a drug…..

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