How the Internet looked back in the olden days

This is an actual image from the McDonald’s corporate website back in 1996

I find it quite odd talking to teenagers today since the are truly the internet generation. So much is it a part of our daily routine that it’s difficult to think back to BI – Before Internet.

I first “surfed” the internet back in 1994 during my university days. I was already familiar with computers and programs such as Word Perfect, but the internet was something new. The terminals at my school library were hooked up to the internet, but it was still text-based meaning no images, and a lot of tabbing and hitting “enter” since the mouse wasn’t all that useful. Most time in those days was spent on Usenet.

The following year our computers got an upgrade and the world wide web came alive. Images flashed on our screens, and always very slowly…..waiting for objects to load was par for the course. The search engine of choice was AltaVista (yes, this was pre-Google) and your website options were quite limited.

Here is a presentation of what the internet looked like in 1996. You’ll notice how primitive sites were and how aesthetically unappealing they could be. It’s a great collection courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

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4 Responses to How the Internet looked back in the olden days

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  2. Joe says:

    I actually find all those websites (except the pepsi one) to be more appealing than today’s websites.

    Today’s websites have too much clutter, and I actually have to LOOK to find what i’m looking for. When you have to think about the interface to interact, the person who designed the interface has failed. I think that current web design for the most part is a step backwards from what we had 10 years ago.

  3. purpley says:

    You realize that teenagers and early twenty somethings today don’t even know who “He Man” is? Nor do they care about what happened to Punky Brewster.

    I definitely appreciate how far the internet has come. Remember it used to take 10 minutes to load a page?! Thanks for the article!

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