Meet Wilma: The First Neanderthal Model

“Wilma” was named after the character on “The Flintstones”, history’s most famous Neanderthal family

Okay, she’s obviously no Kate Moss but Wilma has already won over the hearts of the scientific community as for the first time a reconstruction of a Neanderthal’s face has been completed based on DNA evidence. National Geographic explains:

Artists and scientists created Wilma (shown in a photo released yesterday) using analysis of DNA from 43,000-year-old bones that had been cannibalized. Announced in October 2007, the findings had suggested that at least some Neanderthals would have had red hair, pale skin, and possibly freckles.

Created for an October 2008 National Geographic magazine article, Wilma has a skeleton made from replicas of pelvis and skull bones from Neanderthal females. Copies of male Neanderthal bones—resized to female dimensions—filled in the gaps.

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One Response to Meet Wilma: The First Neanderthal Model

  1. Gene Lee says:

    This demonstrates to me that Homo Sapiens do not hold the market on being Human; that that quality is totally a matter of the heart, no matter what species you are. Being Human, to me, is a respect for all life, and an appreciation for the macrocosm as well as the microcosm. What legacy will we as a species leave for intelligent life a million, a billion years from now? How will we be remembered? I suggest a good start would be to make an effort to seek out the truth in any issue or situation yourself; do your own research, rather that take for granted opinions of so-called experts.

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