A Formula for the 21st Century

September 23, 2008


Tacita Dean’s entry when asked by Hans Ulrich Obrist to design a formula for this century

The popular Swiss art critic Hans Ulrich Obrist recently asked many famous (and not so famous) artists to devise a formula for this current century. These graphical representations have been collected in a book entitled Formulas For Now and within it you’ll find submissions from people like Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, and Richard Dawkins.

Click this link to see an image gallery of some of the submissions.

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Meet Wilma: The First Neanderthal Model

September 19, 2008

“Wilma” was named after the character on “The Flintstones”, history’s most famous Neanderthal family

Okay, she’s obviously no Kate Moss but Wilma has already won over the hearts of the scientific community as for the first time a reconstruction of a Neanderthal’s face has been completed based on DNA evidence. National Geographic explains:

Artists and scientists created Wilma (shown in a photo released yesterday) using analysis of DNA from 43,000-year-old bones that had been cannibalized. Announced in October 2007, the findings had suggested that at least some Neanderthals would have had red hair, pale skin, and possibly freckles.

Created for an October 2008 National Geographic magazine article, Wilma has a skeleton made from replicas of pelvis and skull bones from Neanderthal females. Copies of male Neanderthal bones—resized to female dimensions—filled in the gaps.

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It’s Good to be the King!

September 18, 2008


Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi simply can’t help himself when it comes to beautiful women. On this occasion, the subject of his all too obvious glancing is the newly-crowned Miss Italy Miriam Leone.

Many of his supporters certainly do forgive him, with the exception of his long suffering wife, Veronica:

Mr Berlusconi was appearing on the current affairs show, Porta a Porta, and found himself discussing the issues of the day with Miss Leone, a 23-year-old student who possesses a pair of enviably long legs.

But his admiring glance is likely to provoke the ire of Veronica, Mr Berlusconi’s long-suffering wife of more than 20 years.

She took the unusual step of contacting Left-leaning newspaper La Repubblica following reports that the politician had approached several women at a party and told them: “If I wasn’t married, I would marry you straight away.”

In her letter, she wrote: “These were declarations that I see as damaging to my dignity and cannot be treated as just joke. That is why I am asking for a public apology as I have not receievd one in private.”

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GZA and the Liquid Swords Revival

September 16, 2008

GZA rocks the crowd at the Fillmore in New York City, September 12, 2008

The juggernaut known as capitalism becomes a steamroller when combined with the corporate entertainment history. All forms of artistic expression that break the barrier between the unknown and the popular are quickly co-opted by the industry, packaged, marketed, and force-fed to the willing masses.

Hip Hop hasn’t escaped this truism. Born in the South Bronx, the DJ and rapper formed two of the four parts of the hip hop culture rising at the time (the other two being breakdancing and graffiti). Similar to punk and to rock’n’roll in the 1950s, hip hop was rebellion in musical form. From the deconstruction of the popular music of the day in which singing was overdubbed and manipulated, and instruments were numerous and played with by sound producers, hip hop stripped it bare by having a DJ with a turntable and an MC with a mic. Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Cezanne, Still Life with an Open Drawer (1877-1879)

September 13, 2008

Paul Cezanne, Still Life with an Open Drawer (1877-1879)

The wonderful Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) is considered a bridge between 19th century Impressionism and 20th century Cubism.

click here to see a larger version of this image

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The Cartoon Woman Shaking Up India

September 13, 2008

Savita Bhabhi is the Queen Vixen of the Subcontinent

Westerners who have never traveled to India were given a sample of how strict the country’s public obscenity laws are when an Indian judge handed out arrest warrants for Richard Gere and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty after Gere publicly kissed her at an HIV/AIDS awareness event. As a testament to India’s social conservatism, crowds torched effigies of Richard Gere in several cities. As it stands now, India’s Supreme Court has suspended the case pending jurisdictional issues relating to the case.

The Subcontinent hasn’t always been this conservative when it comes to matters sexual. One need only look to ancient history and the Kama Sutra written in the Sanskrit language to see that they didn’t always have such negative responses to portrayals of romantic or sexual themes in public.

Now a cartoon woman is shaking up India’s conservative mores. She goes by the name of Savita Bhabhi (where ‘Bhabhi’ means sister-in-law in Hindi) and stars as a bored housewife who has sexual adventures with all sorts of characters that come into her life ranging from a bra salesman to a cricket player. The cartoon is currently under review by Indian cyberpolice for fears that it might break the draconian indecency laws in the country.

The Independent UK takes a close look at this explosive cartoon in Cyber Sutra: India’s online eroticism. Here’s an excerpt:

Savita Bhabhi is a busty and artfully drawn Indian housewife who loves her husband, Ashok Patel, but gets bored during the long days she spends alone at home while he is busy at the office. The full colour cartoons detail her fun-filled adventures with everyone from the door-to-door lingerie salesman (“Can you help me please… The hook is stuck.”) to two energetic young men who lose their cricket ball in her garden and a hunky cousin visiting from the US. In every episode, Savita’s bountiful charms and washboard-flat abdomen ensure she always snares her target.

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A Return to Cold War Chic?

September 13, 2008

With a resurgent Russia now standing up the USA, is it time to dust off the Cold War Memorabilia? Listen to this Cold War classic while you ponder that question :)

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