Levi van Veluw – Face Terraform Art

August 12, 2008

Levi van Veluw

Terraforming the face to reflect open spaces

Levi van Veluw is nothing if not thorough. In the tradition of using one’s own body as a medium, van Veluw terraforms his own head to make them appear as landscapes, material, or animal skins.

Levi van Veluw´s photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process. His works constitute elemental transfers; modifying the face as object; combining it with other stylistic elements to create a third visual object of great visual impact. The work you see therefore is not a portrait, but an information-rich image of colour, form, texture, and content. The image contains the history of a short creative process, with the artist shifting between the entities of subject and object.

‘Landscapes’. This 4-piece series reinterprets the traditional landscape painting, removing plots of grass, clusters of trees, babbling brooks from their intimate 2 dimensional formats and transposing them onto the 3 dimensional contours of his own face. Thus a fresh twist is given to the obsession inherent in the romantic landscape of recreating the world and simultaneously being part of it. The romantic landscape and self-portrait genres are combined as a means of re-examination.

Click this link to see an online gallery of his work plus a video. In the meantime, here’s my favourite landscape portrait courtesy of Levi van Veluw:

Levi van Veluw

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