The Splendour That is Versailles

August 12, 2008


Versailles’ South Gardens

Few places on Earth can compare to Château de Versailles when it comes to sheer aesthetic beauty. From the dramatic facades of the structures to the finely defined interiors, and of course the splendour of the gardens.

Take a look at this gallery of images from Versailles.

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Bling Culture: Why Those With Less Money Spend More……

July 29, 2008

bling bling

Bling Bling! Conspicuous Consumption is more prevalent amongst those with less money

Bling Culture has become a part of the American fabric thanks to the commercialization of crass hip hop that has occurred over this past decade. Label whores, big rims, oversized and too-too bright jewelry and accessories……but why?

Virginia Postrel gives us the lowdown in A New Theory of the Leisure Class:

Conspicuous consumption, this research suggests, is not an unambiguous signal of personal affluence. It’s a sign of belonging to a relatively poor group. Visible luxury thus serves less to establish the owner’s positive status as affluent than to fend off the negative perception that the owner is poor. The richer a society or peer group, the less important visible spending becomes.

On race, the folk wisdom turns out to be true. An African American family with the same income, family size, and other demographics as a white family will spend about 25 percent more of its income on jewelry, cars, personal care, and apparel. For the average black family, making about $40,000 a year, that amounts to $1,900 more a year than for a comparable white family. To make up the difference, African Americans spend much less on education, health care, entertainment, and home furnishings.

Read more at the link.

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Welcome to Vodka/Soda!

July 17, 2008

Welcome to Vodka/Soda.

It’s my very distinct pleasure to post the welcome piece for our little corner of the internet.  Vodka/Soda is an online magazine that wishes to bring you the best of the internet with a litle original content added in for good measure.  Here you’ll find articles and links on what’s hot, what’s cool, what’s interesting, what’s happening, and what is going to happen.  Ideas spanning from internet culture to product design to world politics to interviews with power players will populate these pages in the coming months (and hopefully years).

We here at Vodka/Soda want to keep things simple, clean, and quick.  We all lead busy lives and don’t have the time to browse through hundreds of pages of text and photos.   This is where Vodka/Soda helps you: we find you the best and put it all together on one site.

As we grow bigger, Vodka/Soda will seek your input on what you want to see.  We want an interactive relationship here which is why our initial scope is a large one.  We don’t want to paint ourselves into a corner. I’m glad that you’ve found us and I hope you bookmark this site.  Also, tell your friends to visit us :)