Toronto Lands a Spot On World Monopoly

August 26, 2008

Toronto’s inferiority complex gets a boost

It’s either a good thing or a bad thing from the perspective of a city wanting to be world class, but Toronto has made it, albeit symbolically. Hasbro Inc. has announced that Toronto is to appear on the new World Monopoly gameboard.

Landing a spot will sooth Toronto’s inferiority complex, but it will also be aggravated by the fact that not only are we stuck between Kiev and Istanbul, Hogtown is also a property of lesser value behind Vancouver and Montreal. Toronto needs a better PR department :)

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Coldplay Tonight at the ACC

July 30, 2008


Coldplay are at Toronto’s ACC this evening for the first of two shows

Women love them… do guys with expense accounts and three piece suits cruising around in BMWs. The rest of us are stuck in either loathing or indifference (the latter are the ones who will most likely put up the militancy of Coldplay fans, if they could actually be described as militant about anything).

Coldplay perform the first of two sellout shows this evening at the ACC here in Toronto. I’ll be there for the first show tonight. Here’s the usual boilerplate response from the band about how their new tour is coming along:

“It always takes a while to get up and running. … It’s not until you actually play in front of an audience that you realize what works and what doesn’t. We’re kind of really hitting our stride around now, which is great,” he said on the line from last week’s tour stop in Philadelphia.

…and why they prefer a stripped down set:

“We have little tricks and ways and means of doing some things when a song needs a bit of push or filling out, and we can do that.

“It all comes from our desire to have a very homemade feel to the record, so the visual side of it, the uniforms that we wear, we didn’t want it to be an overly produced or techno-feeling stage show. We wanted it to feel a lot more intimate … so it doesn’t become dwarfed by these big arenas that we’re playing. It’s always a constant challenge, and we’re always trying to break the line between us and the audience and make them feel like they’re really part of the show.”

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Facebook is childish and dangerous…but we still love it

July 18, 2008

Facebook stats

Is Facebook’s popularity dipping?

Toronto is the Facebook capital of the world. We love it. From those of us who’ll post pictures of anything that comes to mind to those of us who update our status several times a day. We know it’s silly and for most of us it’s a complete waste of time. Simon Dumenco tells us that even Bill Gates has quit using Facebook after having a daily half-hour habit. He was being bombarded with roughy 8,000 friend requests each day. And yes, it is quite silly, as Dumenco explains:

But Facebook’s ick factor in the executive suite might have as much to do with its shiny, happy world of “friendship” as with security. “There’s almost an inverse relationship between seriousness and how much you participate in social networking,” says ReputationDefender’s Fertik, laughing. That basically nails it: Facebook is simply unserious—particularly given how it prompts hard-driving business executives to regress into adolescent vernacular. “Poking” people, requesting “friends,” writing on someone’s “wall”: It’s cute when you’re in high school or college. But in a corporate environment, it sounds disingenuous and downright silly.

I personally detest the proliferation of ridiculous applications (and especially hate being tested on my movie knowledge!) but now and then a good *poke is a bit of fun :)

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