Google Targets Blackberry and the iPhone in its Quest for World Domination

Conference attendees were given a sneak peek at the look off the Google Android )pictured above)

A decade ago, the fears expressed in the media were that Microsoft was headed towards world domination thanks to their operation system and software. Only a decade later, Google is now the driver’s seat in the technological world thanks to their dominance online with web applications. Their internet browser known as Chrome has launched successfully and will in the future do battle with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Now Google is branching out and heading into the mobile phone world with the coming release of Google Android. Claudine Beaumont explains:

Android, the Google-backed operating system that will run on the device, is designed to bring the desktop computing experience to mobile devices, by allowing people to surf the internet and carry out everyday tasks on the go.

It will provide easy access to Google’s web-based email service, Gmail, as well as a host of other Google products, including Docs, its productivity suite, and Google Maps.

The launch of the so-called “Google phone” will pit the search giant in direct competition with the likes of Apple’s popular iPhone and the BlackBerry mobile email device.

The Android operating system is open source, which means that anyone can build software to run on the device.

If you’re like I am, you run online searches with google, you use google maps to find places, you search images with google images, you use gmail, and you might use Chrome. Google is well on its way to making itself as important to your daily life as your kitchen or your automobile.

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